New Reports and Enhancements


  • T-Rex" is the new Training Grants Dashboard providing formatted data, per NIH guidelines for Training Grant submissions. This dashboard is currently being used and refined by the Training Grants Support Office and will be open to additional faculty in 2023.
  • The Budget to Actual Reporting dashboard contains all budget to actual reporting. This includes an All Funds Summary, Summary and Detail by Fund Category UOB, NSP, and SPP), and Fiscal Year Trends for UOB and NSP. This dashboard should be used as the primary reporting source for fiscal year budget to actual performance.
  • The Non-Sponsored Projects LTD Actuals Trend dashboard provides a summary of life to date (LTD) actuals by fiscal year for non-sponsored projects. This dashboard is designed to assist in developing a budget for non-sponsored projects by enabling users to see past spending trends. This report does not include budget information, encumbrances, or budget to actual balances. 
  • The Budget to Actual Reporting - Sponsored Projects dashboard is similar to the Budget to Actual Reporting dashboard, but is specific for Sponsored Projects. It contains a summary and detail budget to actuals report and a LTD financial trend.
    • Job Aid
    • Effective 9/5/2019, it replaces the Budget Position Summary & Detail Report - Sponsored Projects and the Sponsored Projects Financial Trend.
  • The All Funds - Fund Balance Trend report has been added to the All Funds - Fund Balance Report dashboard. The new report provides a trend of ending fund balance by fiscal year, giving insight into the flow of funds over time in a given project.
  • The Consolidated Performance Report dashboard allows users to see analysis related to four major categories: Financials, Drivers, Operations, and KPIs. Currently available in the Consolidated Performance Report are Unrestricted Operating Budget budget to actual reporting, Student Enrollment, Managed Investments including Endowments, and Travel and Expense reimbursement workflow and charged expense data. This dashboard will continue to evolve and new data will be added over time.


  • Revenue and Expense Transaction Detail Report has new excluded columns available for users.
    • Award Type Description
    • RST Header ID (now appears in the column called Accounting Line Desc)
    • Student ID for student financials journals related to tuition, student fees, and financial aid (now appears in the column called Accounting Line Desc)
    • Concatenated Program ID & Desc
    • Concatenated Event ID & Desc
    • Expense Report Traveler ID & Name
    • Merchant (provides Expense Report and P-Card Merchant)
  • Labor Transaction Detail Report has a new excluded column available for users.
    • Pediatrics Institute Employee - flag indicating whether or not an employee is part of the School of Medicine Pediatrics Institute. If so, please utilize the Pediatrics Institute Labor Reporting page on the Labor Transaction Detail Report dashboard.
  • SpeedType Ref Lookup has new excluded columns available for users.
    • Project Activity Begin Date
    • Project Activity End Date

To request an enhancement to an existing report, please contact the EBI Team via the Finance Support Center.