About EBI

What is Emory Business Intelligence?

Emory Business Intelligence (EBI) is a data analysis and reporting tool that consists of the data warehouse and a business intelligence user interface. EBI is the source for standard Emory reports which have been thoroughly tested and vetted by Emory users from across campus.

One of the goals of EBI is to help strengthen decision-making at Emory by aligning collaborative business intelligence and analytics with strategic performance management.  This means elevating standard reporting to show us not only what has happened in the past but to help predict what will happen in the future; thus, allowing us to make decisions now which will have a positive influence on future outcomes.

Currently, these reports contain primarily Financial data but will ultimately include Financial, Student, HR, and any additional data deemed necessary by the Enterprise.

Reports are being released incrementally in order to ensure accuracy and usability.  You will receive more information about new reports as they are released.


Currently EBI and the BI: Navigation course do not support Internet Explorer 10 or Chrome 19.  We strongly suggest that you use Mozilla Firefox.