Required Training

Required Training for EBI Access

This introduction course covers navigation and dashboard basics in the Emory Business Intelligence (EBI) tool. This is the only required course in order to gain access to EBI.

The course is online and housed in the Brainier, so you may take it at your convenience. Please allow 45 minutes to complete the course and the assessment. Your grade will be recorded automatically in Brainier.

Enroll in Brainier Now!

  1. Log into Brainier
  2. Enter EBI in the search bar
  3. Select the following course, EBI: Introduction to Emory Business Intelligence (ELMS Course Code/Legacy Course Number:260744) 
  4. Start course

Important: There is a 10-question assessment at the end of the course. You must pass the course with a score of 80 percent or higher.

After you have successfully completed the course, you MUST submit an Online Access Request form in Compass. Refer to the How Do I Submit a Request for EBI Access? job aid for detailed instructions.

If you experience issues enrolling in or completing the course in Brainier, please submit a ticket to the Finance Support Center and choose Emory Business Intelligence (EBI)/Reporting as your category.

Contact the Analytics & Reporting team via the Finance Support Center and choose Emory Business Intelligence/Reporting for your ticket Category.

Optional Training

Additional courses are available once you have received access to EBI.

EBI: Fundamentals to Emory Business Intelligence

This online course covers practical knowledge of how to run and retrieve Emory Business Intelligence (EBI) reports, including selecting prompts, saving customizations, drilling to see more specific data, and exporting data in various formats. Enroll in Brainier now!

You must complete the prerequisite course EBI: Introduction to Emory Business Intelligence (ELMS Course Code/Legacy Course Number: 260744) prior to enrolling in this course. NOTE: Completing this course will not grant you access to EBI. 

This course was formerly identified by ELMS Course Code/Legacy Course Number: 260351.  

Personalized Training

If you are interested in scheduling a small group session of 3-5 people at your location, please contact us via the Finance Support Center.

In this session, we will work on personal customizations and answer any questions that are specific to your job function.

Log into Brainier and enter "EBI" in the search bar to see all available EBI classes.  

Institutional Data Management

As Data Users of Emory Business Intelligence, all community members with access to EBI have a responsibility for one of Emory's key assets – institutional data. As Data Users, Data Custodians, Data Stewards or Data Trustees, we have a personal responsibility to understand our role as defined by Emory Policy 10.13 – Institutional Data Management, and to adhere to the policy details. The policy describes responsibilities related to data accessibility, privacy and confidentiality, data extraction, manipulation, reporting and other concepts related to data usage.

To ensure you are fully informed of the requirements which apply to you, the policy is available online and training is available through Brainier. Currently, two on-line classes are available to help users understand these responsibilities: (1) Institutional Data Management (Stewards Only) and (2) Institutional Data Management.