Institutional Data Management

Data is the cornerstone of Emory University

As Data Users of Emory Business Intelligence, all community members with access to EBI have a responsibility for one of Emory’s key assets – institutional data. As Data Users, Data Custodians, Data Stewards or Data Trustees, we have a personal responsibility to understand our role as defined by Emory Policy 10.13 – Institutional Data Management, and to adhere to the policy details. The policy describes responsibilities related to data accessibility, privacy and confidentiality, data extraction, manipulation, reporting and other concepts related to data usage. To ensure you are fully informed of the requirements which apply to you, the policy is available online and training is available through the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS). Currently, two on-line classes are available to help users understand these responsibilities: (1) Institutional Data Management (Stewards Only) and (2) Institutional Data Management.