Student Dashboards

Student data in EBI is a single source of truth for reporting and analytics about the Emory student experience. The implementation is being managed in phases, with the first phase sourced from the original transaction system, OPUS.

Additional systems will be added as the data warehouse evolves. Beginning with student information about degree recipients and enrollment, the data warehouse will encompass information across the student life cycle, including admission, financial aid, and student financials. The implementation of the student data warehouse is being guided by Emory's Institutional Data Management policy and with close collaboration of the data owners. All data are linked to the original source systems and may be summarized or aggregated according to specified business requirements.

The first phase of the student data warehouse includes types of student information in OPUS, the campus student information system.  These types include student biographical and demographic information, degrees earned, enrollment, student financials and admission information that will be used to support the primary reporting responsibilities of Institutional Research and the various offices within Enrollment Services.  The initial reports for the first phase will include:

  • Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Reporting
  • Common Dataset
  • Retention and Graduation Reporting

The warehouse also will provide university decision makers with access to institutional data for reliable, accurate, secure, and accessible reports as well as the ability to produce analytics to meet strategic and management needs. During the first phase of the student data warehouse, reports will be available through a limited release.


Degree Statistics

The Emory Degree Statistics Dashboard contains information about all of the expected and actual degrees conferred and academic plan completions across Emory colleges and schools along with demographic information about the students. It provides a dynamic platform for analysis and reporting of degrees earned, majors and concentrations, as well as select demographic information about the student population. 

The Degree Statistics dashboard has a default view that allows you to see the number of Degrees Conferred and the corresponding number of Plans Completed. In addition to the flexibility of performing custom analyses, various pre-built views allow you to explore the data in different ways, including academic career, gender, marital status, ethnicity, CIPS, and age.

Enrollment Statistics

the Emory Enrollment Statistics Dashboard provides enrollment counts for all careers across the prompted academic year range.  Prompts include the Academic Year, IPEDS Year, or Calendar Year, as well as Career, Plan, and Sub-Plan.

Student Financial Aid

The Emory Student Financial Aid Dashboard provides fincial aid amounts across the selected academic year range for the following categories:

  • Offered
  • Accepted
  • Authorized
  • Disbursed

Data is reflected by year, term, graduate level, career, and financial aid type.

For access to the Student Data Warehouse, please send an email to OIT-DWBI-TEAM@LISTSERV.CC.EMORY.EDU