Management Reports

Account Administrator Roles Reference

The Account Administrator Roles Reference dashboard displays the most current role or roles assigned to staff and faculty through the Account Administrator tool in Compass. It can be used as a quick reference to search assignments by various Chartfields, the Employee Role, or by Employee.

All Funds - Fund Balance Report

An enhanced version of the MGT 4440, the All Funds - Fund Balance Report provides a fund balance across all fund codes by project, academic unit, and department. Unlike the budget to actual reports, this report takes the fiscal year beginning fund balance for a project, the fiscal year to date total revenues, expenses and transfers, and calculates an ending balance as of the specified date.

NEW: The All Funds - Fund Balance Trend has been added to the existing dashboard. This report provides a trend of the fiscal year ending fund balance over the life of a project, giving insight into the flow of funds over time.

All Funds - Position Report

Similar to the MGT 4102, the All Funds - Position Report provides net revenues and net expenses by account category, across fund type, including totals for each account category and a calculated percentage shown as the percentage of total revenues or total expenses as applicable.

Business Officer Performance Management

The Business Officer Performance Management Dashboard provides a collection of reports designed to give a business officer indications of performance and the ability to proactively manage finances based on trends and a variety of performance indicators. With an enterprise to individual approach, pages within this dashboard can be run at a high level summary view across the enterprise, while also allowing the ability to drill all the way to line item information. 

PI Financial Portal (formerly the Faculty Financial Summary)

The PI Financial Portal allows faculty to access their complete sponsored and non-sponsored portfolio on-demand. This dashboard is intended to serve as an "online bank account" style view of a faculty member's portfolio, providing current balances based on expenses that have already occurred. Faculty members have the ability to set the PI Financial Portal dashboard as their home screen in EBI, no navigation required. 

Investment Funds Spending & Market Value

The Investment Funds Spending & Market Value Dashboard is intended to provide endowment and related spending project information to the broader finance community. This dashboard will provide users the ability to view endowment and spending project information; drill to journal level detailed information; budget for scholarship spending in an effort to reduce financial aid impact to unrestricted funds; and see details related to restricted fund utilization. This dashboard contains data from Compass and Fund driver to give users a more complete picture of endowment funds in one source.