Faculty Reports

PI Financial Portal

(formerly known as the Faculty Financial Summary)

The PI Financial Portal is a dashboard in EBI created to allow faculty to access their complete sponsored and non-sponsored portfolio on-demand. The PI Financial Portal is intended to serve as an “online bank account” style view of a faculty member’s portfolio, providing current balances based on expenses that have already occurred.Benefits of the PI Financial Portal Dashboard include:
  • One source to review balances for entire portfolio, including Sponsored Projects and Non-Sponsored Projects
    • Includes Sponsored Projects where faculty member has been identified as either the Award PI or the Project PI
  • The ability to set the PI Financial Portal as the faculty member's home screen upon logging into EBI
    • No navigation required
    • Report runs automatically based on faculty member logged in
  • The ability to customize views in the Dashboard
    • See what information is important to you, arranged in a format that makes sense to you
    • Save customized view so that the report is always formatted in the way you want

The Sponsored Projects and Non-Sponsored Projects that populate the PI Financial Portal dashboard are driven by the roles that have been assigned to that faculty member via the Account Administrator tool. If you are unsure if you have been assigned roles, please check with your department administrator.

Resources Available for Faculty:

Faculty who wish to explore customizations of the Faculty Financial Summary on their own are encouraged to utilize the instructions provided in the Staff Version of the Job Aid.

Resources Available for Staff: