Training & Knowledge

Training is Required for Access to EBI

Emory employees are able to log in to EBI with a valid Emory NetID, but you will not be able to access reports until you have completed the required training course and have submitted an access request form.

The Introduction to Emory Business Intelligence eLearning course is available in ELMS to everyone who requires access to EBI.

In order to gain access to EBI you will need to do the following:

    1. Take the Introduction to Emory Business Intelligence (260744) course in ELMS
    2. Pass the 10-question assessment at the end of the course
    3. Follow these instructions to request access:

You will receive an email when your access request form has been approved and processed, confirming your access to EBI. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to log in to EBI until you receive the confirmation email from the security team. 

The EBI reporting environment:

Optional Training

Additional courses are available once you have received access to EBI.  Please see Training Opportunities for more details.