New Reports & Enhancements


  • The Investment Funds Spending & Market Value Dashboard provides endowment and related spending project information to the broader finance community. This dashboard will provide users the ability to view endowment and spending project information; drill to journal level detailed information; budget for scholarship spending in an effort to reduce financial aid impact to unrestricted funds; and see details related to restricted fund utilization. This dashboard contains data from Compass and Fund driver to give users a complete picture of endowment funds in one source.
  • The Earnings Distribution and Projection Dashboard shows a managed employee's current earnings distribution across all employee job records and gives projections up to two additional fiscal years. It also highlights when the employee is distributed at less than 100% due to a project or budget end date. The job aid is available directly on the dashboard above the prompts. Labor security access is required to utilize this dashboard. 
More detailed information can be found on the reporting page.


  • Based on user feedback, the Budget Position Summary & Detail Report (equivalent to the BOP/NSP/SPP reports in nVision) now includes a Detail Transactions section below the Summary & Detail section. The Detail Transactions section provides a list of detailed monthly transactions based on the reporting date prompt selection, similar to the nVision report format.

To request an enhancement to an existing report, please contact the EBI Team via the Finance Support Center.