Data Warehouse & Reports


The student data warehouse is a single source of truth for reporting and analytics about the Emory student experience. The implementation is being managed in phases, with the first phase sourced from the original transaction system, OPUS. Additional systems will be added as the data warehouse evolves. Beginning with student information about degree recipients and enrollment, the data warehouse will encompass information across the student life cycle, including admission, financial aid, and student financials. The implementation of the student data warehouse is being guided by Emory's Institutional Data Management policy and with close collaboration of the data owners. All data are linked to the original source systems and may be summarized or aggregated according to specified business requirements.


The suite of financial reports available in EBI is sourced from the original transaction system such as Compass, Emory Express, or the Effort reporting system (ERS). The data is a direct reflection of what is found in the source system. No manipulation of the data takes place in EBI. Data from the source system may be summarized according to business requirements. Managerial and Operational reports are provided to allow users to administrate unrestricted operating budgets, sponsored and non-sponsored projects. Please note that report names are clickable links to the reports in EBI, but you will be prompted to sign in if you have not already done so.

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